Grammar School in Kolín

Grammar School KolínGrammar school in Kolín is an internally differentiated institution that provides general education and prepares students for university studies of all types.It ranks among the first sixth of 432 Czech grammar schools according to the number of students accepted at universities. In 2005-2010 ninety three - four percent of the graduates were successfully admitted at universities.

We offer a polite approach to our students, a high quality preparation for university studies , a wide choice of elective seminars, an individual approach according to our students´needs and co-operation with parents.

We expect a successfully passed entrance examination, a high motivation , and polite behaviour.

The school consists of 16 specialized classrooms, a chemistry lab, 2 information technology training classrooms, a library, 2 gyms, a sportsground with an artificial turf, a beach volleyball court, and a school canteen right in the building of the school.

We offer two programmes; the four- year study programme for those who start the grammar school as tenth graders and the eight-year study programme for those who start as the sixth graders.

We increase the compulsory number of lessons given by a school educational programme called“Verba docent, exempla trahunt…“in foreign languages as well as in other subjects according to students´ interest.

For students of higher grades we organize exchange programmes in Dongen, Holland. We also offer guided tours to France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and Croatia. The goal of these activities is to establish contacts, improve language skills in real situations, and become familiar with the European reality.

Juniors and seniors are offered elective seminars which help them extend their knowledge closely associated with their future field of studies. Providing there is a sufficient interest, we are ready to offer seminars in maths, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, civics, Latin, descriptive geometry, the Czech language and literature, information technology, psychology, English conversation, German conversation, and French conversation.

There is a possibility of a change in a curriculum according to the majority interest of students of a particular class during their first year of grammar school attendance.

Contact addresses

Grammar School in Kolín
Žižkova 162
280 31, Kolín 3

phone number: +420 321 722 544, +420 321 723 430