Školní seznam maturitních témat

předmět: Anglický jazyk, Biologie, Dějepis, Deskriptivní geometrie, Francouzský jazyk, Fyzika, Chemie, Informatika, Matematika, Německý jazyk, Ruský jazyk, Základy společenských věd, Zeměpis

Anglický jazyk

  • The Czech Republic as a part of the European Union
  • The South and the Southwest of England
  • The Midlands and the North of England
  • Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  • The South of the U.S.A. and Hawaii
  • The North of the U.S.A. and Alaska
  • The City of London
  • The City of Westminster
  • Washington, D.C. and New York
  • Other English speaking countries- Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • Meals in English speaking countries
  • Travelling by train and plane
  • Education
  • Reasons for travelling and places to stay
  • Global problems
  • Shopping
  • Human life from the cradle to getting engaged
  • Human life from getting married to death
  • Housing
  • Healthy lifestyle, diseases and injuries
  • Hospitals, at the doctor´s
  • Spring and summer
  • Autumn and winter
  • Christmas and Easter
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • English as a world language
  • Jobs
  • English literature

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